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A New Beginning

A New Beginning published on / / By George

I’m excited to finally get this going! It’s been many years (too many) since I last had an ongoing comic. I really worked my bum off on this one. I spent many nights for a few months scratching my head as I planned the story. I searched, collected, and wrote down ideas. I sketched and… Continue reading Missing


Missing published on / / By George

Azia and Jax talk about Azia’s missing parents as she longs for their return. This page concludes the end of the first chapter! Next, things will start to really pick up as Azia is thrust into many new situations!

Due to the incoming hurricane Irma to my area, I posted this page a little early, just in case. I’m not yet sure how much the storm will affect my ability to create a page next week, so we’ll see what happens. I’ll try to keep everyone posted via my social media channels.

Of course, as always, please keep voting for Darkborn and help get the word out. Remember there is a new vote incentive image each month.

See you next week! (I hope. ><)

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