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Azilina CrossAzilina “Azia” Cross
Azia lives two lives. Most people know her as the quiet girl with white hair that lives with a foster parent. However, at night she is a monster hunter in training. Her parents are both well known monster hunters that have gone missing five years ago. Azia has made it her mission to follow their trail while training to also be a great monster hunter in her own right. Her closest friend is her family familiar, Jax, who has been training her. Azia is an independent girl that may be socially awkward and a bit scatter-brained, but she is kind, humble, and hard working.


Nearly all hunter families have a low-ranking class of monster as their familiar. Jax has been the Cross family familiar for generations. He been at Azia’s side since her parents disappeared. He assists in tracking and identifying monsters as well as concealing Azia’s weapon until needed. Despite reservations he’s been training Azia to hunt due to her resistance to contact the Council.


Selena Nunez
Selena is a young but seasoned Hunter that tends to the region adjacent to the Cross family. She has been noted as a model Hunter despite her less than cordial demeanor. Her hard-earned victories have made her conceited and overconfident. She takes the legacy of the Hunters very seriously and will do whatever it takes to complete her mission.


Razz is the Nunez family familiar. He is a no-nonsense assistant to Selena that is more than happy to acknowledge her capabilities, which she eats up. Like most of his kind, he is able to track other monsters and offer Selena his centuries of advice.


Vanessa Rowley
Vanessa is one of Azia’s classmates. Often deemed the “Queen” of the school, she seems to know how to charm her way to the top of any situation or crowd. Though Azia and Vanessa have known each other since they were young, Vanessa seems to want nothing more than to push Azia down every chance she gets.


Katherine Perroy
Azia’s foster parent, Katherine is known around town as a “couch potato.” Many suspect she took in Azia for the monthly checks from the State. She seems mostly indifferent towards Azia, only feigning the minimum amount of “parental” guidance. Azia has learned to just do as she’s told and for the most part Katherine leaves her alone.



The Venatores Council
Established centuries ago, the Venatores Council is a secret organization that has been training hunters and keeping normal societies from collapsing under rampant monster feasting. They are an autonomous entity ruled by a long lineage of founding families. They maintain a tight grip on hunters from regulating training, organizing, deploying, and managing hunters all around the world. Not much is known about their history. Many cells are kept separate to lessen compromise. But they know their mission is crucial to humanities survival and will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals.

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