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A New Beginning

A New Beginning published on / / By George

I’m excited to finally get this going! It’s been many years (too many) since I last had an ongoing comic. I really worked my bum off on this one. I spent many nights for a few months scratching my head as I planned the story. I searched, collected, and wrote down ideas. I sketched and designed various characters, monsters, and gadgets. I hunched over my Wacom for ten plus hours straight each day for weeks as I drew and colored each page. I lettered and twisted my tongue to invent sound effects. I coded and designed the site over a couple weeks. I consumed too much coffee… Even after all that I still wonder what I forgot. But it doesn’t matter, all this hard work is now here and I look back at it knowing I did the best I could. ^^

Welcome to DARKBORN, my little urban fantasy comic that follows a young, but unique, girl named Azia. Along with her familiar, Jax, they are going to have a lot of adventures hunting and dealing with various monsters and characters. I’m eager to share the story with you. Hopefully it’s something you enjoy!

If you have any questions etcetera, please let me know!


James Thomas / / Comment by James Thomas published on Reply

First! \o/ Congrats!

SalemCat / / Comment by SalemCat published on Reply

The fist drawing shows a date of May 1st.

As the previous evening is WALPURGIS, this is most auspicious.

TheLettre7 / / Comment by TheLettre7 published on Reply

Here I go a new comic to binge and admire! thank you!

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