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The End

The End published on / / By George

Azia and Jax say their goodbyes and prepare to move forward to the next chapter in their adventure.


Myk Streja / / Comment by Myk Streja published on Reply

I see you’re not updating your Patreon anymore, so I’m guessing this really is the end. Thank you for sharing this exciting and adventurous story with us. It’s been a blast, and I’ll have to admit, Azia is sexy as hell. But you knew that.

Howard / / Comment by Howard published on Reply

Nice job man I really appreciate that you finished the comic for us. so few of these ever actually end they just go till the artist burns out and quits. I can only imagine how hard it is to do all this work so I don’t blame them for it but its nice to get closer on a story great work, amazing art!

AkumaKishi / / Comment by AkumaKishi published on Reply

I hope you do more at some point, but if you need a break take it. Its been a pleasure reading this. Would love to see the universe expanded on, other characters explored, but at least we got what we did. 🙂

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