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Rumors published on / / By George

Kids can be cruel. Not much to say about this page. It was fairly straightforward.

Voting for this month on topwebcomics has been going great! We already passed last months ranking. Thank you all for helping with your votes. If you have voted yet, please do. And remember you can vote each day. ^^

See you next week!


Doom / / Comment by Doom published on Reply

Hi! I found this comic last night from a Topwebcomics advertisement. Your art is very pretty and our heroine is adorable. I look forwards to watching Azia defend humanity from mystic threats. As to what we’ve seen so far of her typical school day, I get the impression by the time this in-comic day is done I will want to give her many hugs.

George / / Comment by George published on Reply

Thank you! Hehe, the life of a Hunter is never easy.

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