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End Chapter 2 – Short Break

End Chapter 2 – Short Break published on / / By George

Azia ends her trip to the Council in a sour mood. Between the examination and meeting, she’s feeling rather helpless. What will she do once she gets back home? Will she find her parents? Who will the Council send to hunt in Azia’s family region? Will Jax continue to train her? Check back in a couple weeks to see the start of the next chapter–new characters will be introduced and some fierce monsters will attack!

I’m going to take a short break to recharge before starting the next chapter. It shouldn’t be more than two weeks. I have several things that have come up recently that I need to take care of. I need to design a couple new characters for Darkborn. I also would like to do some regular art for a little bit, something I don’t get to do too often. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and/or Tumblr to keep up on what I’m doing and when I’ll be coming back.

Thanks to everyone that’s been reading along. I hope you’re enjoying it so far. If you want to help Darkborn grow be sure to keep voting for it on topwebcomics, tell your friends, etc. ^^;

See you soon!

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