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Selena! published on / / By George

Whelp! Exit Selena. X_X

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Tooniator / / Comment by Tooniator published on Reply

So, Selena may not be a returning character. Maybe she can move to another web comic?

HKMaly / / Comment by HKMaly published on Reply

Why not? She can still become returning character, she only need to be raised from dead. In Hellsing, main character was killed in first episode.

Akuma Kishi / / Comment by Akuma Kishi published on Reply

…I….I kninda liked her.. she could have helped out and stuff…

MoistBeef / / Comment by MoistBeef published on Reply

If you live in a world with monsters and someone shouts something that even REMOTELY sounds like “Behind you,” your first instinct should never be to stand there and ask questions.

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